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The VASERlipo® System is proven medical technology, optimizing each phase of the body-sculpting procedure. It produces the best patient outcomes in the industry, yielding highly-desirable body contours that are smooth and precise, with minimal surgeon effort and fast patient recovery.

VASERlipo device

Upsell, Revenue-Generating

The VASERlipo® System offers capabilities far beyond traditional liposuction technology. With its effective ability to easily sculpt the body, it’s ideal for reducing your operative fatigue, shortening treatment time, attracting new clientele and upselling existing ones. Because it’s designed to optimize every step of the body sculpting procedure, it enables you to perform more high-value procedures with less strain and more precision.

The VASERlipo® platform is

Easy to Use: Fully-integrated platform for infiltration, emulsification and aspiration.

Safe: Proven clinical effectiveness and safety – 100,000s of procedures performed with an outstanding safety profile

Highly Versatile: Most versatile device in the industry, enabling a wide range of high-margin applications

Get new clients, upsell existing ones

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