CO2RE Intima®

The Markets Newest Womens Health Laser

CO2RE® is the versatile fractional CO2 system that enables you to precisely target and effectively treat the skin’s surface, middle, and deep dermal levels. When equipt with the Intima upgrade for women’s vaginal health, becomes the ultimate device for your practice.

Why Intima?

The newest laser vaginal restoration device introduced to market is the CO2RE Intima from Syneron Candela.  Medshift has partnered with the national sales to to bring this device to the hundreds of current and future Syneron Candela physicians.  Mechanisms of Action of the CO2RE Fractional CO2 Laser on Vaginal and Vulvar Tissue and Effects on Female Genitourinary and Sexual Health.

Changes in genitourinary anatomy and physiology can adversely affect female sexual health and quality of life over a woman’s lifetime. Common medical conditions due to childbirth or age-related changes include Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS), Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), the Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy (VVA). Vaginal laxity, mild to moderate SUI and symptoms of increased dryness, itching, burning and dyspareunia result in discomfort and problems with intimacy and sexual satisfaction for many women.
With a single CO2 laser device and 3 handpieces, CO2 RE addresses the aesthetic and vaginal health concerns for a complete solution to women’s intimate wellness. By using the Surgical, External or Internal handpieces, treatment can be customized to treat various vulvar conditions, modify the cosmetic appearance of the vulva and relieve symptoms of vaginal dystrophy (vaginal dryness, burning, itching and dyspareunia), improve vaginal mucosa and ablate or coagulate the vaginal canal for enhanced intimate wellness.

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