Patient Subscription Platform

Turn Key Subscription Services- Turn Patients Into Members

Aesthetic patient subscription services provided by MedShift will transform your practice by smoothing your revenue curve, retaining more patients, and increasing average per patient spend.  By turning your patients into members and allowing the configuration of fully customized treatment plans, everyone benefits.

MedBox – Patient Subscription Platform

MedShift enables turn key operational consistency of patient treatment subscription services.  Offer any product or treatment in your practice within the fully custom MedBox Subscription platform.

Patient Retention

Increase retention and sell through by allowing patients to smooth out their treatment cost into consistent monthly payments with full flexibility on discounts, product mixture and delivery timing.

Advance Payment – No Practice Financing

Unlike other subscription platforms in market, the MedBox platform allows for treatments to be paid BEFORE they are delivered rather then the practice financing the cost of a treatment.  With MedBox there is no risk of patient default because the procedures and or products are not delivered until payment is received.

eCommerce Retail Integration

Looking for a retail eCommerce store experience for your patients?  Tailored specifically for aesthetic practitioners; look not further then MedShift MedBox’s eCommerce solution which fully integrates to MedBox Subscription platform

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