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Turn Key Subscription Device Services For Your Practice

MedShift is disrupting the traditional surgical aesthetic device market by offering permanent placement, holistic subscription services for surgeons, physicians and their business. By removing device decision and capital risk, physicians are able to focus on their specialty, streamline business operations, and increase profit.

Get New Devices, No Capital Costs

MedShift enables you to bring into your office the latest in high-margin aesthetic devices. We negotiate with vendors, purchase and own the equipment, and then provide the devices to you for unlimited use.  This enables you to get the latest equipment, with no capital outlay, upfront cost, practice or personal financial review, or burdensome bank contract in place.

Warranty & Consumables Included

Do not stress about manufacturer warranty costs year over year.  The $5,000-$10,000 annual warranty is included in your service with MedShift.  Consumables utilized in each procedure are offered at significant discounts to market.  We have use high volume buying power so you never worry about paying for overpriced treatment supplies again.

In Office Content Distribution

MedShift’s cloud platform distributes any content on any device or procedure directly to TV’s and Tablets throughout your office.  With you’re subscription comes a multi month free trial of our tablet and TV platform with direct access to thousands of the best marketing clips in the industry.  Tired of DVD loops?  So were we- experience the significant benefits of MedShiftTV, for free.

Marketing and Inbound Lead Generation

We leverage our proprietary analytics platforms to target prospects nationwide, including your geographic region. Our team of marketing specialists employs information-rich digital marketing to generate consultations and create market awareness. Our HIPAA compliant call center is staffed with service representatives trained to get prospective patients into your office for consult.  We build SEO optimized device landing page on your current website and maintain a robust web presence for you within, getting your ranked high in your market.  We design and pay for 100% of organic search campaigns on Google, and We will build your Google AdWords campaign for you and provide guidance on spend.  This in turn, drives interested patients to your practice for consultation.

Practice-Enhancing Analytics

MedShift provides you proprietary procedural analytics. This user-friendly visual data enables you to continuously streamline procedures, maximize procedure outcome and patient satisfaction, and increase your practice profit.  MedShift is the only company to collect pre, post, and in operative data through multi-site real time HIPAA compliant transfer allowing for continued advancement of each procedure you conduct.

vConfidence Certification

Our physicians and their staff enjoy enhanced device training from the manufacturer and the MedShift team. Not only on device usage, but on the results and settings that deliver the best patient efficacy for a given symptom.  Our physicians leverage our big data at no charge, to understand what laser settings produce the best patient outcome on a per symptom basis.  Expand your operative understanding from your signle practice to all MedShift vConfidence Certified physician practices at no charge to you.  See our patient facing brand here vConfidence

Debt-Free, Risk-Free

We provide all of these high-value, bundled services on a subscription basis at no upfront cost to you. You pay only a fixed fee per month which includes the device, warranty, and our services.  All for less then you could procure the device on your own direct from the manufacturer.

Don’t wait – device availability is limited. Contact us now to discover how MedShift will increase your revenue, streamline your costs, and boost your career enjoyment.

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