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MedShift is the leader in secure cloud connected medical aesthetic devices servicing global aesthetic device manufacturers.  We design, integrate, support and maintain real time connectivity to a manufacturers entire line of devices to enable deep visibility into usage, treatment configuration, and remote support and troubleshooting.

Understand Device Utilization

With MedShift’s WiFi, 4G LTE and 5G encrypted cellular technology seamlessly configured with any type of device in a manufacturers product set, you can achieve real time visibility into variables that currently leave you guessing.  Analyze underutilized devices and direct sales resources accordingly.  Apply operational post sales support in a more accurate manner saving time and money while enhancing the customer experience.

Patient Analytics

We use secure HIPAA compliant in office tablets to receive patient clinical data in a pre and post treatment model.  Understand outcomes from the patients perspective.  Patient data and treatment data from practice device come together allowing a holistic view and understanding of the treatment record.  With record of both patient input and device settings utilized during the procedure, you will understand which settings in which treatment mode produces the best patient outcomes.

Treatment Visibility

With MedShift connected device technology you will never have to guess which treatment setup is being configured most.  Gain valuable perspective on how your device is being used in the practice setting.  Utilize this data to design your future interfaces, change or update clinical training’s, and drive the next generation product set.

Remote Warranty & Upgrade

Imagine your engineer sitting in the comfort of their home office diagnosing a device warranty issue from their laptop.  No shipping of device, no more driving 300 miles to identify a device software or part problem.  Using MedShift’s connected device platform, your engineers can securely connect to medical devices thousands of miles away while our platform ensures authorized, secure, and fully audited remote access.

Remote Disablement

Have your ever had a customer that fails to pay for their device?  Imagine having the ability to disable a device remotely for non payment rendering it unusable until the back balance is cleared.  This feature will virtually eliminate account receivable aging on large ticket devices.

Low Cost & Hassle Free

Our platform is built and ready for scale.  We have numerous standard configurations which require limited customization to integrate to your windows embedded, unix, or linux based control boards.  We will provide efficient designs with custom enclosures for internal or external mount points.

The Value of Data

Outside of the studies conducted for FDA approvals or clinical research, most aesthetic device manufacturers do not know when, how, or how often the devices you sell are being used.  Speak with MedShift today to understand the ease at which we can connect and the value you will create once on our platform.

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