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Technology Solutions



MedShift’s payment facilitation software was created with the medical industry as it’s focus. With direct debit and credit card options, this solution offers stored payment methods, one-time payment links, customized reporting and more. This system also allows customer self-service payment options, recurring and scheduled payments.

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Our E-commerce software offers digital order solutions for customers, effectively removing paper/manual process or ordering through sales reps. Our technology keeps the mfr PCI compliant. Our financial system integrations include: Oracle, Sage, SAP, and Quickbooks.

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ERP Integrations

With two-way communication to existing ERP deployments, our software solution allows payment and invoice data to be pushed/pulled from the customer portal. Our software integrates with Oracle, Sage, Sap and Quickbooks.

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Order Facilitation

We facilitate the entire order process (approve, pick, package, ship, deliver, customer shipment notification) from your E-commerce site. Our solutions offer live quoting and label creation from major delivery services including FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS and more.

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