MedShift Connected
Device Module

MedShift invested nearly 5 years to build the industry’s leading medical device connectivity platform.

Any manufacturer, any device, HIPAA and PCI compliant end to end. State of the art software and hardware combine to lend full flexibility in feature set and function. Highly cost effective, fully customizable, value generating solutions can be enabled via internal or externally mounted configuration.


Real-Time Device Reporting

MedShift-connected devices report data in real time, from thousands of devices, allowing manufacturers to make critical decisions that impact the direction of business and technology.

  • Understand treatment settings
  • Variables, energy and frequency
  • Track consumable serials numbers and usage
  • Monitor errors and diagnose issues without the need to deploy a technician or transport devices
  • Remotely upgrade device firmware


MedShift IoT hardware is supported by the MedShift IoT Cloud: a highly secure cloud infrastructure that meets and exceeds federal data protection requirements.

  • All data is encrypted on the device before being sent to the MedShift IoT Cloud
  • Only encrypted traffic to/from IoT hardware is accepted
  • Devices authenticate on each connection to the Cloud
  • Different data views for Manufacturer and Practice are available

Connected Device Feature Options

  • Built specifically for the medical aesthetics device industry
  • Two form factors; Fully integrated IoT board or IoT power cord
  • PCB's designed and built in house
  • Retrofit vs new manufacturing integration available
  • Cellular data plans are fully managed inclusive of service
  • 24/7 monitored platform for data ingestion and transfer to OEM
  • Turn key service with MedShift V3 connected device platform


  • Multiple connectivity options (3G & LTE, Wi-Fi, wired)
  • MedShift Auto-switching SIMs choose the best available global network in over 165 countries
  • Secure HIPAA compliant connection to MedShift Cloud, closed, private, encrypted
  • MedShift hardware would serve as device firewall and secure communication interface on private network
  • All connection requests are declined by default, unless connection is initiated via MedShift device cloud
MedShift's high-end technology solutions and unique device program makes it a great partnership for any manufacturer.
Our industry knowledge gives us specialized insight into common obstacles, and our team of experts allows us to offer solutions.
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