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MedShift Announces 5-Year Strategic Partnership with BTL Aesthetics

SEPTEMBER 17 11, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – MedShift, an innovator in medical technology and cloud computing, today revealed it has entered into a five-year strategic partnership with BTL Corporate. The industry-leading companies are teaming up to integrate their services to provide a compelling adoption model for BTL’s market leading device.

A privately-owned device manufacturer, BTL Aesthetics has been developing and distributing innovative products globally since its naissance in 1993. Today the company’s US branch is headquartered in Marlborough, MA where it has continued a legacy of distinction. The partnership between MedShift and BTL is fueled by both companies’ equal and respective appreciation for cutting-edge product innovation for physicians and amelioration of care for patients.

“MedShift is excited to expand our portfolio with this partnership to deliver transformative solutions,” says MedShift CEO, Brian Phillips. “Together MedShift and BTL will provide our shared customers with treatments and solutions that can vastly improve their quality of life.”

The partnership will heighten awareness and deployment breadth of the Emsculpt® device, the first and only technology to non-invasively harness high-intensity electromagnetic energy to firm muscle for a more toned figure. The device shows sustained results with no recurring symptoms and an impressive rate of patient satisfaction.

Comments BTL VP, Scott Mills, “The MedShift-BTL partnership is a compelling association as our devices are uniquely complementary to MedShift’s device subscription model and marketing expertise. I have total faith that our combined capabilities will enable us to drive more business impact for our practices and improve device awareness for our patients.”

“We’re really looking forward to seeing what’s possible when we combine the Emsculpt device with MedShift’s technology. This partnership has amazing potential for both companies,” says MedShift Advisor Dr. Bill Kortesis, board-certified plastic surgeon and Emsculpt practitioner.

As part of the partnership, MedShift will integrate Emsculpt into its Tightening for Everything brand offerings, rendering skin tightening options more accessible to a larger clientele. By underpinning BTL’s devices with MedShift’s next-generation technological expertise and unique subscription model, the collaboration represents a step-change in the way both businesses are attacking the demands of the med-tech market.

MedShift Announces The Release Of Their New Managed Cloud Service, MedBox With Subscription and eCommerce Options

MARCH 11, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – MedShift, a leader in software enabled medical technology, announces today the launch of their MedBox which includes both Subscription and eCommerce platforms. Unlike other medical subscription platforms, MedBox Subscription utilizes a specialized algorithm to ensure that patients are prepaid for a treatment before they receive it. Treatment plans are transformed into an easy to follow schedule with a simple monthly payment, simplifying the process for both patient and practice.

Recurring procedures can become a strain on patient’s wallets, especially when they have to pay thousands of dollars on the day of the treatment. With Medbox, the platform configures the treatment combination, manages the payments, and facilitates modification of the plans into the future. Splitting up the costs of these treatments allows patients to receive treatment more regularly, ensuring better results for them, and bringing in more business for the practice. The MedBox algorithm works to ensure that despite any variables, such as adding a product or procedure, the patient will always have a predictable monthly payment for their treatment package.

“Our platform encourages patient retention by offering customizable membership levels and subscription plans for traditional treatment regimens. Our proprietary algorithms provide a variety of features including in office procedures, shippable products and full eCommerce retail experience.” says Medshift’s Senior Software Engineer and Medbox lead developer, Adam Walsh.

For practices that sell shippable products, the eCommerce store allows patients to shop for what they need online, instead of having to go into the office. The store is convenient for patients who work the same office hours, and streamlines the purchasing process for in office products or any suppliers products. There are self-service features for customers to manage their own subscription and customize their orders to their unique needs. After practices sign their patient up for a membership, MedBox does the rest. Practices can care for patients without having to worry about keeping complex schedules of products or treatments inside a cumbersome practice management system.

MedBox enables consistent treatments for patients, and takes the stress of management off of practices. It is an ideal plan for offices looking to boost their patient retention and revenue. “MedBox is perfect for any practice looking to increase patient satisfaction, retention, and adherence to treatment protocols. It’s excellent for smoothing the revenue curve and opening the online product market to patients across the county.” says MedShift’s CEO, Brian Phillips.

MedShift Announces 2018 Annual Results and 2019 Goals and Initiatives

Feb. 11, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – MedShift, a leader in software enabled medical technology, today announced its full 2018 operational and business results and outlined its 2019 programs and initiatives. MedShift achieved its third consecutive year of 300% year over year growth, continued expansion of its innovative technology platforms, and significantly advancing its patient-facing vConfidence and Effronte brands.

“We are pleased with our growth in 2018 and our ability to create value in the market,” stated CEO, Brian Phillips. “I am proud of our team who have produced record earnings each quarter by driving our major initiatives to completion.”

Business and Operational Highlights include:

  • Completed development of the MedBox subscription and eCommerce platform
  • Maintained strong profitability while expanding product offerings
  • Initiated a national partnership with Merz North America
  • Quadrupled employee count of the company

In 2019, MedShift is excited to launch three key additions to its offerings with the aim of further expanding its service suite and engaging consumers on a broader platform. These addendum’s are part of a continued investment by the company in cloud computing technology and the medical aesthetics market.  In the coming year, the company is planning for the development and execution of:

  • Launch of holistic social media management offering
  • Deployment of connected medical device product which enables real time communication to any manufacturer’s device lineup
  • Rollout of skin tightening platform introducing additional product diversification

“In 2018 we delivered a solid year by leveraging data insights to direct our business strategy. We believe this has well positioned us to serve our clients in the upcoming year and we are highly optimistic about the expanded growth potential for each of our business divisions,” says Phillips.


vConfidence Launches ‘The War on Pads’ Social Media Campaign in 2019; Partners with Lifestyle Influencers

Ali Landry and Saarah Samadani partner with vConfidence’s 2019 commitment to bring women’s vaginal health conversation from taboo to mainstream

Jan. 7, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A woman’s biological need to wear “pads” changes over time – from menstruation as early as 12 years old to then vaginal health challenges with age or post-partum body form and function changes. What doesn’t change? The stigma, the private suffering, the silence. Even with the rise in social media and public conversations, the world still isn’t talking about real, biological vaginal health challenges.It’s 2019. That needs to change. vConfidence is making the first move.

The Charlotte-based leader in women’s vaginal health procedures launches their 2019 social media campaign – The War on Pads – today. vConfidence is pleased to announce the revolutionary campaign will feature two prominent lifestyle influencers for a paid partnership: Ali Landry and Saarah Samadani.

Actress, model, and host, Ali Landry also serves as the Founder of RE/SHAPE, a lifestyle platform for women focused on natural health and wellness, fitness, and beauty. Saarah Samadani is the health, wellness, lifestyle, beauty, mommy blogger and influencer behind Beauty Momme.

“I launched RE/SHAPE as a way to explore and talk about some of the health issues of aging – health, nutrition, wrinkles, thinning hair, sleepless nights – that were controlling my life,” Landry noted. “This paid partnership with vConfidence is my personal and continued commitment to that conversation.”

Samadani echos the sentiment.

“There’s a new reality when you have kids; your daily grind changes, yes, but also your body, mind, and spirit change, too,” Samadani notes. “I’m excited to partner with vConfidence to reclaim some control over my post-partum body and see how it impacts my mind, spirit, and sense of self – and how I share that with my followers and the world.”

Landry and Samadani will receive vConfidence’s safe, non-invasive, energy-based treatment from board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist Duncan Turner MD. Turner’s well-renowned practice, Turner Medical Arts in Santa Barbara, California, offers a wide array of women’s health care treatments, therapies, and techniques.

“Our practice has always been committed to state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology and procedures; more importantly though, we’re committed to treating the whole woman versus just one particular concern,” explains Turner. “This is where we align well with vConfidence and where I hope we can serve, support, and treat Ali and Saarah – and millions of women who watch and follow these two women.”

Landry and Samadani tout strong social media followings with whom they’ll share their experience with vConfidence. The goal is to start a more public, active, and engaged conversation about vaginal health and vaginal health challenges.

“We really want the world to start talking more openly about what women – respectively and collectively – experience when it comes to vaginal health; right now, millions of women suffer in silence,” says vConfidence’s Founder, Brittani Phillips. “Our commitment has always been to treat a woman’s body, and then, in turn, serve her sense of sense and confidence. We believe The War on Pads campaign with Ali and Saarah leading the way will bring greater awareness to how busy women and mothers can reclaim control over their health.”

Medshift Announces Five Year Partnership with Merz North America

Two leaders in cutting-edge, medical technology & equipment are partnering to bring more innovation – and confidence – to more women

CHARLOTTE, N.C.Dec. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MedShift, a leader in aesthetic medical equipment and technology, is excited to announce a five-year long strategic partnership with Merz North America.A leading, specialty healthcare company, Merz has been developing and marketing innovative products since 1908 when the company were founded in Frankfurt, GermanyMerz North America, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, has continued that legacy of excellence.

The partnership between MedShift and Merz North America is powered by both companies’ equal and respective appreciation for cutting-edge product development innovation for physicians and the drive to improve health and quality of life for patients.

“Following the successful rebrand of vConfidence, Medshift is excited to expand our portfolio with this partnership to offer more valuable and innovative solutions for today’s woman,” says MedShift’s CEO, Brian Phillips.

This partnership will bring more awareness to Cellfina®, a state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared device that provides long lasting reversal of cellulite. The device shows five years of sustained results with no recurring symptoms. As part of the partnership, MedShift will launch Effronté as a means by which to make the Cellfina technology more accessible to more women.

“This partnership is going to do great things for both Merz North America and MedShift,” says MedShift Medical Director Dr. Bill Kortesis, FACS and board-certified plastic surgeon. “We’re looking forward to seeing what’s possible when we combine the Cellfina device with MedShift’s technology.”

This partnership is part of a continued investment by MedShift in women’s health. Since 2015, MedShift has invested over $10,000,000 in procedures to improve and enhance women’s lives.

“Our goal with this partnership and the effronté brand is to make women feel more confident,” says Phillips. “Because, when a woman feels like that, she’s unstoppable.”


Source:  PR Newswire