Cellulite Elimination Easily

MedShift has partnered with Merz to provide the Cellfina Subscription program which combines a new device, full warranty, MedShift Social Media launch program, clinical training, Patient Acquisition Platform, Content Distribution Platform,  and discounted consumables into a single fixed monthly fee, less then a standard bank payment.  With MedShift practices enjoy the support and guidance of an independent 3rd party to help deploy and market the Cellfina device within your practice.

The Cellfina® treatment is the only FDA-cleared technology to deliver permanent resolution of cellulite in a minimally invasive format.  Patients enjoy very little downtime and the industries most comprehensive results that last.

FDA- Cleared Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina is the ONLY long-lasting FDA cleared treatment for cellulite.  With clinically proven results showing resolution 5 years out, your practice and your patients will benefit significantly from the inclusion of Cellfina in your practice under the MedShift program.  Contact us today if you are considering adding Cellfina to you practice.

Comprehensive Results

The only single treatment minimally invasive product in the market provides outstanding results for the resolution of cellulite.  Comfortable and not requiring significant down time, the Cellfina procedure is on it’s way to quickly becoming the industries leader.  Millions of women are searching for an easy solution to remove cellulite. Imagine your practice being able to deliver the results they want and the growth your practice needs.  The MedShift partnership with Merz North American for their Cellfina® device allows you to obtain the comprehensive wrap around offering that has already attracted over 625 million impressions from people around the world.

We look forward to helping you add the Cellfina device to your portfolio with confidence.

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