Surgeons today face a growing array of problems.

Most are burdened by significant debt, high overhead and operations management, making it difficult to focus on their craft – helping patients – and to enjoy a commensurate profit.

MedShift was founded in 2015 to solve these problems and more, by providing bundled subscription services. We enable physicians and surgeons to get the latest equipment and technology, which they need to remain competitive and attract new business. We streamline their operations by handling rote, periphery tasks such as web development, patient education, device manufacturer relations, marketing, procedural analytics and more.

Investors and Team

MedShift is attracting significant investor support and financial backing, as well as building an experienced management team. The company’s innovative solution is generating such demand, that prominent surgeons started subscribing to our managed services – sight unseen – well before business launch.


We’re headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, near the world-famous Research Triangle, a leading hub of innovation. This enables us to stay on the cutting edge of medical technology, technology finance and business best practices, and enjoy close proximity to Eastern and Central surgical professionals.  We operate shipping, training, and logistics from our 80,000 square foot warehouse and tech center while facilitating business operations from our downtown Charlotte location.

Future Plans

As for future plans, we’re growing our managed service offerings to include additional high-end medical devices, as well as expanding into other areas of medicine, to empower surgeons and medical professionals to focus on their highly valuable skills set, grow a more profitable practice, and reap the rewards.

MedShift Technology Overview

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